Visualizing Indian Political Data

A Masters’ Project at Media Arts and Technology, UC Santa Barbara


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The Republic of India has always been regarded as the largest democracy of the world, as it is the second most populous country. At the same time according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s democracy index, as of 2016, India ranks 32nd and is categorized as a flawed democracy. Voters’ Participation in the democratic and electoral processes is integral to the successful running of any democracy and the very basis of wholesome democratic elections[2]. The interactive data visualization developed as a part of this project aims to present a solution and supplement India’s transformation from a flawed democracy to a full democracy by educating and informing the voters. Two datasets, the historical Indian politics data collection of TCPD and datasets corresponding to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, used to measure social progress are visualized. The project aims to correlate this data to inform voters of the background and historical performance record of the competing candidates and parties. This would enable them to be more informed of the powerful voting decision they make. On the whole, the aim is to unpolarize the ideologies and beliefs that the voters get carried away due to prominent propagandas.

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