TIME : Fall 2015

Overview of music and technology, including historical aspects. Readings and exercises with a range of music software applications. Basics of Internet audio and evolving media, music production, business, technical, and aesthetic aspects.
I have always appreciated and been a fan of a lot of musical compositions. But I never understood the process and art of composing music. The course Music and Technology opened up this domain for me in the non conventional way. Initially the music compositions using technology that  I came across seemed absurd. But with all the readings, I saw myself appreciating this new dimension of music  I was being exposed to. Brian Eno’s work became something I started having on my regular playlist. I started appreciating how technologists started experimenting to develop amazing futurists technology driven music instruments.
I  was able to learn a lot of new techniques and softwares of developing and modifying music like Audacity and Adobe Audition to name a few. Also audio processing on Processing was something I picked up as a part of this course.