Unity, Blender | WINTER 2017

A Virtual Reality Project designed for HTC Vive telling stories inspired  and picked up from stories of Humans of New York .



I am a daughter of a military officer, and I clearly understand the impact of wars on humanity. It is not the physical infrastructure which can not be rebuilt, or the money spent that can’t be re-earned, but it is the people whose lives we can not bring back.

To understand the impact of our actions as nations, it is important to bring forward the stories of what individuals go through. And this projects aims to bridge that gap in a unified world, where motion from one nation to another is not restricted via Visas, agreements or laws. A new world where one can hear real human stories by the people.


Stories : I picked out stories from Humans of New York collection, hailing from different countries of the world .

Storyboarding : The next step was to create small worlds and fit in the components of these stories in these narrative spaces .


The small and big scenes of the complete world were drawn out and scripted in unity after this.




The audios were recorded modified and placed with colliders in the scene, so that they trigger and play according to the users position.

The user in the medium is able to explore the world using the Vive headset and controllers.