In this presentation, it is aimed to establish a secure way of storing /transporting data so that it is inaccessible to any malicious interference. Generally this security is established by encrypting the data, from which no sensible data can be extracted. But as a result of developing technologies this method is no more secure and the desired data can be extracted by professional hackers. So here the aim is  to develop a new mechanisms in which data is encrypted and hidden  in an image by bringing small changes in various image characteristics like illumination, RGB composition etc. Now since the haphazard data won’t be straightaway available to the hacker it is a difficult task to break into the code. The complexities in this design are further increased by the following:

  1. By utilising the RSA algorithm which is a 2 key cryptography algorithm we encrypt the data in hand.
  2. The image chosen for this steganography, is decomposed by DWT (Discrete Wavelet Transform).
  3.  The process of Double Stegging is then used to imbibe the encrypted data in the decomposed image. It is an overlapping process. Steganography is once applied to the cover image to embed the encrypted secret data (cipher text) to one area of the detail coefficients to  obtain the  stego­image. Then Steganography is applied again to embed that detail coefficient to another area of detail coefficient of the image.

So in this way data is encrypted. By adding various complexities we hide the data in an image and retraction of it from a malicious source is almost impossible. It is further looked into how to decrypt the data from the encrypted image to get the original data back at the destination.

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